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Laura Heywood Interviews

Dec 11, 2019

Marty Thomas has basically been a star since he was a child. His first Broadway credit was when he was only eleven years old, in The Secret Garden; since then he has appeared in Xanadu and Wicked, and has created and performed hundreds if not thousands of shows on New York stages as a stalwart of the NYC nightlife scene.

His new album “Slow Dancing with a Boy” is out as of December 6 — for those of you listening live on DNR Studios, you’ve got to wait a couple of days (but you can preorder the album now!). If you’re listening a week later on the free podcast version of Laura Heywood Interviews, you can find “Slow Dancing with a Boy” EVERYWHERE.

The album features soaring vocals in genres that range from pop to gospel to country, with some showtunes too — re-arranged and orchestrated so they have a different feel than ever before.