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Laura Heywood Interviews

Apr 13, 2020

Nick Cordero is a Tony nominated actor (Bullets Over Broadway, Waitress, A Bronx Tale). I sat down with him a few years ago at Build Series in New York City.

I chose this interview from the archives because I want you to know how great Nick is, and for you to keep him in your thoughts. Because my friend is Nick is very sick — he is fighting for his life, in critical condition, in the ICU as a result of Covid-19.

He has a 10-month old baby; his wife is understandably distraught; and they are asking everyone everywhere to pray — whatever that looks like — for Nick’s recovery.

I interviewed him when starring in the iconic role of Sonny in A Bronx Tale: The Musical, written by and inspired by the life of Chazz Palminteri.

With Nick so very much on my mind right now, and in the hearts of the whole Broadway community, I am reaching back to our interview as part of my own prayer process.

Please keep Nick and his family in the forefront of your minds, along with the families of everyone else suffering from this horrible pandemic.

To all the first responders, heath care professionals, and essential workers: I thank you.

To everyone listening: Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Home.

To Nick and his wife Amanda and their baby Elvis: My heart is with you.