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Laura Heywood Interviews

Mar 27, 2019

Laura Heywood interviews Broadway star Mandy Gonzalez, aka Hamilton's Angelica Schuyler, aka In The Heights' Nina Rosario, aka Wicked's Elphaba, aka Aida's Princess Amneris, aka upcoming The Who's Tommy's Mrs. Walker at the Kennedy Center, aka founder & leader of the incredibly inspiring #FearlessSquad! 

In "Yes, And..." Mandy reveals that she is working on her first book -- a chapter book for young readers that (she wouldn't confirm or deny) may be about Fearlessness, expected by the end of 2019. 

In "Tweets & Sass" Mandy discusses the impact of using social media for good, including the growth of an entire support and motivation community that sprouted from a single photo with her Hamilton cast mates. 

Mandy's "Just 'Cause" is UNICEF USA, for whom she volunteers and advocates -- we encourage listeners to donate via!

In addition, Laura and Mandy bond over their proud dads, geek out over theatrical idols, and laugh so hard they both cry when they realize just how much they have in common. 

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