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Laura Heywood Interviews

Jan 20, 2020

Jamison Stern is a life-long actor who works constantly and puts everything he has into his characters. From one-man onstage triumphs like his recent “Fully Committed,” to full-body transformations such as his turn as Tracy in “The Legend of Georgia McBride,” Jamison commands an audience. His current role as “Paul #1” in the Emmy-winning Amazon series “After Forever” is particularly special, as it’s clear that the cast loves each other as much as the characters do, and audiences fall in love with a slice of New York that is unique and familiar at the same time. Jamison also has a gorgeous singing voice — just enter “Jamison Stern” into a youtube search for songs from Stephen Sondheim to Jule Styne. It was important to me to have Jamison on the show because he is so clearly DOING THE WORK — being an actor is hard and he has put in years. For those of you out there who want to really do this, Jamison can offer insight into the persistence, tenacity and resolve required to make it as a performer.