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Laura Heywood Interviews

Mar 2, 2020

Ben Crawford is currently and creepily embodying Broadway’s favorite malformed and maladjusted romantic hero: The Phantom of the Opera.Is hero the right word? He’s certainly the leading man. But that Phantom, he’s a dark dude. And I can’t wait to dig into his complexities with the actor who brings him to life on Broadway eight shows a week.Ben Crawford has been playing The Phantom for nearly two years, and he brings the same freshness every performance that he did when he first took on this “monster” of a role.Believe it or not, The Phantom of the Opera just celebrated its 32nd anniversary on Broadway. Only 16 actors have been cast as the Phantom in that time, so this is an elite club. It is an "unparalleled delight" to welcome Ben Crawford to Laura Heywood Interviews!